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    Message  oli le Mer 11 Mar - 22:34

    MGM vient d'annoncer la sortie américaine du Valkyrie de Bryan Singer, qui arrivera le 19 mai aux Etats-Unis en DVD et en Blu-ray. Le film sera proposé dans son format 1.85:1 et en 1080p (encodage AVC/MPEG-4) avec piste anglaise en DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, pistes françaises et espagnoles en Dolby Digital 5.1, et sous-titres dans ces langues. Les suppléments se composeront d'un commentaire audio de Tom Cruise, Bryan Singer, et Christopher McQuarrie, d'un second commentaire audio de Christopher McQuarrie et Nathan Alexander, des featurettes "The Journey to Valkyrie", "The Road to Resistance: A Visual Guide", "The African Front Sequence", "Taking to the Air", "Recreating Berlin", "92nd Street Y : Reel Pieces with Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer" et "The Valkyrie Legacy", et enfin une copie digitale du film pour PC et Mac.



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    Message  Radja le Mar 26 Mai - 2:20

    dvdpacific me l'a expédié lundi dernier. Je devrais en principe le réceptionné cette semaine. Il est zoné comme le sont toutes les nouveautées de Fox Vidéo. Par contre, et c'est une excellente nouvelle, le film comportera de vrais sous-titrages français et non des inserts comme ils ont l'habitude de faire.

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    (source: dvdtalk) a écrit:Video: 4/5
    There's a curious desaturated look to most of Valkyrie that, while obviously intentional, deprives this AVC 1.85:1 BD from the sort of visual "pop" that I know a lot of videophiles want in their high definition experiences. If you can go with a yellowish, blanched look, this film offers abundant detail, with impeccable sharpness and a really interesting (if subdued) palette. In fact this desaturation makes the reds all the more abrupt and noticeable, giving an occasional spark to the visual presentation.

    Sound: 4,5/5
    Valkyrie DTS HD MA 5.1 mix is surprisingly subtle for a film which opens with a slam bang battle sequence. That segment obviously offers immersion and LFE galore, but I was repeatedly impressed throughout the film with some very careful sound design, some bordering almost on the subliminal. Listen, for example, to the brilliant, sporadic use of tympani by composer John Ottman (in fact the film doesn't have a substantial "melodic" music cue until around an hour in)--little LFE "thumps" that are disquieting and help add some adrenalin to a largely lethargic film. Surround channels are used quite effectively, all dialogue is clear and crisp, and the overall mix is subtle and intelligent. DD 5.1 mixes are available in Spanish and French, and subtitles are available in all soundtrack languages, plus Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Korean.

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